With an increase in demand, our response times on all avenues of communication may be longer than usual. Our focus still remains the same; customer service and our clients. WSRD thanks all of you for your continued patience and support!

About Us

Since May of 2014, Whalen's Speed Research and Development has been dedicated to offering a high level of engine building, engine management calibration, wiring solutions, fabrication projects specializing in aluminum and stainless steel to the performance automotive aftermarket. We focus on quality as number one and will not sell you something we don't believe in even it means losing a sale. Our core is to offer the best performing products and builds without shortcuts and the results speak.
Notable achievements include class winning cars at The Shootout in 2012 and 2015. Quickest and Fastest Evolution in the state of Michigan. Ranked number 10 in the 7 Second Bounty with a recorded pass in 2018 with a 8.9 ET @ 173 MPH. 
John Whalen (Owner/Engineer since 2014) -  Started profession in 2008 as an engine management specialist with experience in most popular offerings, engine building specialist with knowledge of machining and engineering solutions to make components more durable. John has worked with industry leaders to collaborate on engineering new designs for production to help further push the WSRD Engine Program. John also leads all of of our new product engineering projects and engine management development, offerings and solutions. 
Joseph Whalen (Lead Technician since 2014) - Technician who excels in fabrication (titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum), complete performance builds, wiring, engine management installations, and fuel systems. Joey's passion for this industry strives and demands that every project we complete is the absolute best each one can be. Joey has always has a passion for the arts and quickly took over the videograhpy you will find on our YouTube channel and our Project 120X3 Series. Joey also works closely with Dylan to bring everyone the best content for all of our social media platforms. 
Dylan Himes (Sales & Operations Manager since 2016) - Sales, operations and marketing representative who has 7 years of experience in customer service and care. Dylan also handles all social media relations, vendor and dealer relations while handling our day-to-day shipping and receiving. Dylan is the one each of will speak to when you give the shop a call! Dylan balances a lot through out our work weeks but his focus will always be our clients.
James Elmer (Technician since 2019) - Technician who does a little bit of everything. James has been working on perfecting his trade while shadowing John and Joey in all of our day to day operations. James quickly learned the Can-Am platform and focuses most of his efforts towards servicing those clients.
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General Email: info@whalentuned.com
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Tuning Email: john@whalentuned.com
Phone: 269.415.0040
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