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    DynoJet Wideband CX | Polaris RZR Turbo

    by DYNOJET
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    Monitoring AFRs is truly essential while tuning and DynoJet offers the perfect solution for your Can-Am UTVs, and Polaris UTVs.

    Vehicle Applications:

    • 2016-2021 Turbo XPT
    • 2018-2019 Turbo S

    Once you have installed the perfect set of hard part modifications (exhaust, intake, cams, etc.), the airflow characteristics through that engine have significantly deviated from the OEM delivered styling. The control unit responsible for telling the engine how to inject fuel or light a spark plug has not been informed of your changes leading to impaired performance. An invaluable tool employed to monitor engine performance is a Wideband O2 sensor installed in the exhaust. This fancy sniffer watches how efficiently the engine is combusting fuel which is a direct correlation to whether the mixture of Air : Fuel is either ideal, too rich, or too lean. The latter two can result in performance being left on the table.

    Now available from Dynojet is this very tool the Wideband CX which inserts O2 feedback onto the vehicles databus for real-time monitoring. Installed via one plug-and-play connection, the data supplied by the Wideband CX alongside current engine running conditions provides the necessary information to maximize your vehicles performance.

    The host of this party-for-two is the ever capable PowerVision CX device to gather and log the actual datastream as you are out for a leisurely cruise or developing on a Dynamometer. The collected information is reviewed in the Dynojet PowerCore Software Suite showcasing a pinpoint cell tracer to indicate at what Engine RPM, Load, and Requested AFR resulted in a Pulse Width to produce an AFR at that exact time. If the graphs indicate the AFR is not within your desired range at that moment, simply adjust the tune in that area, save the file, reflash your ride, and give it a go! You will now have a definitive answer that the trusty steed you are aboard is dialed in for your riding style, your chosen accessories, and is delivering maximum performance.

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    Nate Hale

    DynoJet Wideband CX | Polaris RZR Turbo

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