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    JRR AEM 150PSI Pressure Sensors

    by JRR
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    Title: JRR AEM 150PSI Pressure Sensors

    John Reed Racing AEM stainless steel pressure sensors can be incorporated into all JRR PNP MoTeC ECU Packages.

    These pressure sensors can be used in various applications from oil, coolant or fuel pressure. WSRD uses these pressure sensors in their MoTeC Expansion Package which includes (1) oil pressure sensor, and (1) fuel pressure sensor for ECU monitoring and failsafe control. Each of these pressure sensors will come with an install kit. WSRD is working on finalizing a complete install kit for a coolant pressure option as well.

    The WSRD MoTeC Expansion Package also includes the Weistec Fuel Rail which utilizes both the fuel pressure sensor and the flex fuel sensor as an added feature. The flex fuel sensor will also come with a complete line and fitting kit to make install a breeze. This MoTeC Expansion Package can be purchased separately with the purchase of your MoTeC ECU and will come incorporated into the JRR PNP Harness. 

    * Please note; this is a product for individual pressure sensors. You will need to modify the quantity to correspond with the number of pressure sensors you wish to run in the expansion package. Also please note your intended use for each pressure sensor in the notes section of your order. *

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