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    JRR Motec CAN Keypads

    by JRR
    Original price $574.00 - Original price $649.00
    Original price
    $574.00 - $649.00
    Current price $574.00
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    The MoTeC CAN keypad provides a powerful, flexible and elegant way to integrate 8 or 15 switches into your project. MoTeC CAN keypads are easy to setup and are compatible with MoTeC M1 ECUs, dash loggers and PDMs, as well as third party devices that can transmit and receive the required CAN data.

    Each switch and its 3 LEDs can be independently programmed, and semi-transparent adhesive labels (sold separately) can be applied to complete the customization. 

    • Compact and lightweight
    • Rugged design for use in extreme environments, sealed to IP67
    • Backlit, customized graphical labels available
    • Real time feedback via LED indicators above each button
    • Simplified wiring, only 4 wires required for multiple buttons
    • Short circuit, reverse polarity protection

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