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    KWI Clutching RZRX302 Clutch Kit | Polaris Pro R

    Original price $450.00 - Original price $520.00
    Original price
    $450.00 - $520.00
    Current price $450.00
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    What's Included? (RZRX302 Package Contents)

    • (3) KWI Adjustable Primary Weights
    • KWI Magnet Assortment
    • (1) KWI Black Secondary Spring

    KWI Clutching RZRX302 clutch kit has been custom engineered for the new PRO R to dramatically improve all-around performance, acceleration, and back shifting and get your rpm's in the peak power whether you're riding the street, desert, backwoods, dunes, or mud. With our adjustable weights, you can perfectly tune your PRO R with every conceivable HP level, turbo, terrain, altitude, and tire size. Our simple magnet design gives you a larger tuning window and more performance than any other clutch kit on the market- from 225HP to 350HP, from sea level to 15000 feet, from dunes to the street. This kit will work for you with no compromises!

    KWI clutch kits have been proven to put down the most wheel HP, period! We continually test all Clutch Kits and tunes on the market to ensure we're ahead of the competition..always.

    What's Included? (RZRX302T Package Contents)

    • (3) KWI Adjustable Heavy Primary Weights
    • KWI Magnet Assortment
    • (1) KWI Red Primary Spring
    • (1) KWI Black Secondary Spring

    The KWI Clutching RZRX302T is a robust version of our X302 clutch kit, designed for the PRO R equipped with an aftermarket supercharger or turbo kit. It significantly enhances performance, acceleration, and back shifting, ensuring optimal RPMs across various terrains including streets, deserts, backwoods, dunes, and mud. Our adjustable weights allow fine-tuning for any HP level, turbo, terrain, altitude, and tire size. The kit's unique magnet design offers a broad tuning range and unmatched performance, catering to power levels from 275HP to 400HP and altitudes from sea level up to 15,000 feet.

    KWI clutch kits are known for delivering the highest wheel HP. We consistently test our kits and tunes against competitors to maintain our lead.

    This kit is compatible with 2022 and newer Polaris RZR PRO R / PRO R 4 models.

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