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    WSRD Billet Radiator Fan Shroud | Can-Am X3

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    Choose a Radiator Fan Shroud Assembly
    Introducing the all Billet/Reinforced Aluminum WSRD Radiator Fan Shroud and assembly option for the Can-Am X3! 
    Accidents happen, and when these machines take front end damage, plastic components such as the plastic factory fan shroud assembly are left unusable. We have the solution! 
    Our Radiator Fan Shroud is not only a direct replacement shroud option, but it out performs the factory shroud design. We took the OEM fan blade and motor tested in the OEM shroud, and the WSRD shroud and found the following results;
    • Voltage; 12.5 Volts for both tests
    • Air Flow CFM; WSRD Billet Shroud: 720 CFM, OEM Shroud: 500 CFM
    • Sound; WSRD Billet Shroud: 68 decibels, OEM Shroud: ~75 decibels

    Our initial testing was on a 4-seat sand limo out at the Glamis Sand Dunes. Not only did we want to test rigidity, but we wanted to put this fan shroud in one of the most loaded environments on one of the biggest machines we could find. Through a weekend of datalogging, this machine never achieved above 190* coolant temps, fan operation audibles were noticeably quieter, and the billet/reinforced aluminum shroud withstood what we asked of it. 

    What's Included? (Fan Shroud ONLY)

    • WSRD Billet Radiator Fan Shroud
    • Stainless Steel Installation Hardware

    What's Included? (Fan Shroud ASSEMBLED)

    • WSRD Billet Radiator Fan Shroud
    • WSRD x SRP Brushless Radiator Fan Motor
    • OEM BRP Radiator Fan Blade
    • Complete Assembly with hardware ready for installation

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