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    WSRD Boost Controller | Can-Am X3

    by WSRD
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    Introducing the solution for the factory plastic BRP boost controller! 
    • All 2017-2023 Can-Am X3 Models
      • Replaces BRP OEM Part Number 420664636
    Install Instructions:
    • Port 1: Vent (this port can just be vented to atmosphere)
    • Port 2: Wastegate (routed to the wastegate banjo or barb fitting)
    • Port 3: Boost Reference (can be routed to the banjo or barb fitting on the turbocharger compressor cover or a barb fitting port on the intake manifold)
    We often here about clients damaging one or two of the nipples on the boost controller when working on adjusting cracking pressure, this is the ultimate solution! 
    We have been utilizing this same controller in our Club, GT and GTX Turbochargers with great success, and this is a complete OEM replacement solution with connector to plug directly into the factory harness. 
    These are in stock and ready to ship!