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    WSRD Terminator Intercooler | Ski-Doo 900ACE Turbo

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    WSRD and C&R have collaborated yet again on another killer intercooler option for the Can-Am market! This time we present you with a factory bolt-on replacement unit for your 2019 and 2020 Ski-Doo 900ACE Turbo sleds!



    As the DynoJet PV3 is a powerful tool, here is an example of just how powerful they are when paired with our tuning and power packages. These datalogs are from the WS225X pump gas package running our larger injectors and Green turbo upgrade on 93 octane.

    (Referencing the image above.)
    ~ RED is with our WSRD intercooler
    ~ BLUE is with the factory intercooler

    The factory intercooler sees a 50* increase in temp throughout the pull and in the same length of time compared to the C&R a 49* increase. You can also note the charge temp starts warmer, a trend these stock intercoolers have.
    The WSRD intercooler starts much cooler as the style of the core allows for amazing heat dissipation. From a cooler temp the increase throughout the pull is ~30* F. The other important thing to note is the recovery. The charge temp drops 20* in about 13 seconds after lift. This is something that a bulky bar and plate which is commonly used in the aftermarket, has a hard time doing. Think of them as solely a heat sink. It does a decent job at removing heat from the charge temp, but based on it's design, it has a hard to removing the temp from the core. You will notice the factory intercooler has 10 airpaths in the core, where the C&R looks much different with 25 air paths. This greatly increases the surface area to remove heat both from the air charge and to the atmosphere.

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    Badass nice intercooler keeps things cool

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