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    WSRD Launch Control Module | 2016-2021 Polaris Turbo S & XPT

    by WSRD
    Original price $395.00 - Original price $395.00
    Original price $395.00
    $409.00 - $489.00
    Current price $409.00
    Choose a Application
    Choose a Launch Control Switch/Button
    Choose a WSRD High Engagement Primary Spring

    The WSRD Launch Control Module(LCM) is designed to allow the machine to have a controlled, consistent launch rpm by cutting ignition at the desired rpm, as well as build boost by controlling ignition retard. This unit can be added to any machine or any ones tuning and allows the user to be able to fine tune the launch rpm and how aggressive the machine will leave. 

    We will be going into further description and explanation of the standard LCM and our Max Effort LCM in a video coming soon!

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