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    WSRD 2019-2022 Ski-Doo 900ACE Stock Injector Upgrade (180-185HP)

    by WSRD
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    Choose a Clutching Option:

    What's Included? (Package Essentials)

    ~ DynoJet Power Vision PV3
    ~ WSRD WS18XACE Stock Injector Calibrations - 91 Octane & 93 Octane Tunes included

    The 91 Octane Tune will be displayed as WS180.91.X.
    The 93 Octane Tune will be displayed as WS185.93.X.
    A 91/93 Octane Tune will be displayed as WS185.93.91 - this tune will allow the end user to switch between Sport utilizing 93 octane and standard utilizing 91 octane

    Clutching Option:

    WSRD Tailstander Clutch Weights

    WS180ACE Tune

    ~ Fuel Octane: 91 Octane
    ~ Boost Pressure: 16-17 PSI
    ~ Horsepower: 180 Crank Horsepower
    ~ Crack Pressure: 7 PSI

    WS185ACE Tune

    ~ Fuel Octane: 93 Octane
    ~ Boost Pressure: 16-17 PSI
    ~ Horsepower: 185 Crank Horsepower
    ~ Crack Pressure: 7 PSI

    For crack pressure adjustment, please review the video below for added information.

    Bringing you the best and easiest power increase for the 900Ace Turbo models with a simple flash. The 900Ace Turbo shares an almost identical power plant as the Can-Am X3 which we have extensive research, development and testing on the dyno and in-field. The biggest "restriction" on the 900ACE Turbo engine is fuel delivery and that narrows down to injectors that are a bit small to allow the engine to reach it's full potential. We make the absolute best out of the situation. Modifying many tables to make the engine respond better to throttle inputs, build boost quicker, and make more horsepower. The tunes have been dialed in for maximum performance on 91 and 93 octane and will both be sent to you.

    If you are looking for a more "safe" trail tune simply do not adjust the wastegate crack pressure(tension on the wastegate arm to the turbo). This tends to keep boost under 16 PSI, leaving more room in the fuel system. If you want the extra power from an extra PSI of boost pressure; increase crack pressure to 7 PSI.

    This package includes a DynoJet Power Vision PV3 which allows you to flash your own machine without needing to remove and send your ECU elsewhere. It will also allow you to view and delete check engine lights that may become present. Also the ability to flash it back to stock (recommended) when taking it in to be serviced. Tune updates or upgrades can be sent via email to make this as easy and convenient tuning solution as possible.

    Math doesn't lie. We put a proper horsepower value on these tunes based off what the fuel system can supply for power. Fuel is power, air is there to mix with it to give you the proper mixture to deliver horsepower. Without fuel you have nothing. No doubt, airflow has weight in this argument. The maximum horsepower we can produce on gasoline and the factory fuel injectors is ~185hp to the crankshaft. That happens at about 16 PSI of boost and a modest 11.8 AFR. With our PV3 you can display injector duty cycle and see when you are out of fuel.

    The tune and engine package produces the best results at 7900 rpm+/-50 rpm. There are many clutch kits out there. We have had good results with simply dropping in ZRP clutch arms. Clutching will change with elevation, weight of machine, track modifications, weight of driver, ect. The power vision is a strong tool which allows you to log a run and review on a laptop. Very resourceful when trying to dial in your clutching.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Scott Turknett
    Top notch!

    I love that Eco and regular power settings maintain the factory power for my wife to drive the machine, but sport is peppy for when I want to play on this machine

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